Hi, I’m Ady Crampton and I hope you can Join me each week for two hours of 70s soul funk and disco where I’ll be spinning those newies and crossover classics from back in the day. Each week I’ll be chatting with a star of the 70s to find out what they’re up to now.

Creator, producer and presenter of the award-winning Digital Blues
Founder and former Chair - UK Blues Federation - Member of The Blues Foundation, European Blues Union, European Blues Association, France Blues and Independent Blues Broadcasters Association (UK).

Chris "The Shirt" Elliott was brought up in SE London on a diet of Reggae, Soul and Jim Reeves (blame his Jamaican dad for that one). He started playing on internet radio a few years back on the original Sunrise FM and since then his stations have included the now defunct Vinyl Morpher Radio, Platinum Grooves Radio of which he was part owner, He has been known to hit the floors on various dance floors at Soul Nights and of course the infamous Caister Soul Weekenders but as his got older its more of a crawl rather than a spring. Shrity's dress sense (loud shirts) and choice of football teams (Millwall) have had people questioning his sanity, but his choonz are good so we let him in lol.

Born in the United Kingdom 1960, currently resides in Lincoln, by profession I am a Train Driver.
I have a passion for Reggae Music, which I guess came to light in the early 70's hearing artists like The Pioneers/ Bob & Marcia /Jimmy Cliff/ Desmond Dekker/ Dave & Ansel Collins appear on top of the pops or played on the UK'S singles charts. I also at the time worked on a factory production line where everyday music was piped through the works Tannoy system including Reggae/ Soca / Calypso music. At this time, my elder Jamaican friend, Michael Alphonso Smith, asked if I wanted to join him in a venture doing mobile discos, he had the equipment, and I had the transport.
But all was not as it seemed as it turned out we only did private Jamaican House Parties, where I learnt how to DJ from a master.
Eventually I started my own mobile disco and gained a residency at my local working man's club in Penge, South London getting the crowds dancing before, during and after live bands who played at the weekends. Late 80's I packed it in, and it was not until moving to Lincoln and joining the works Wefare Committee that I provided the music at work related events.
In 2012 I joined my local Community Radio Station and presented a 3-hour live 70's show, In 2018
I switched to It being a Reggae Show. In 2019 work commitments prevented me presenting the live show and the station did not want a prerecorded show

Born in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame City, Cleveland OH (Go Browns!), Chuck Matthews is a 25+ year broadcast veteran who’s on air shenanigans include multiple Marconi Award winner WMJI/Cleveland, WTRG/Raleigh, WLCL/Atlanta, WAKR/Akron (where Alan Freed once worked), DMX Primestar Satellite (now DirecTV) as host of the Good Times, Great Oldies channel, and more. Chuck is also an accomplished national voiceover talent with credits that include The Pro Football Hall of Fame, Super Bowl LI, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, The Cleveland Clinic, and more. Now, Chuck Matthews goes Coast to Coast one more time, on Greatest Hits USA, playing America’s favorites!

an American disc jockey, popular in the New York metropolitan area from 1972 to 1998. Herman was born in Huntington, New York and was the son of an Orthodox rabbi. Herman began his career at 1410 WHTG in Asbury Park, New Jersey, and then moved to Philadelphia to become WMMR's first rock DJ.

Dean is a 30+ year radio personality. He attended the former New School of Contemporary Radio broadcasting school in Albany, NY in 1987. Shortly after graduating in the spring of 1988, he was hired on in a part-time capacity at AM 1230/WLFH radio in Little Falls NY. He’s spent most of his radio career on the air at radio stations in his hometown of Utica, NY, which included the former WRCK/Rock 107, WFRG/Big Frog 104, WLZW/Lite 98.7, and WODZ/96.1 The Eagle. He also spent time at 98.1 WJJR radio in Rutland, Vermont, WNNH in Concord, NH, and an off-air position at 92.3 KTAR in Phoenix, Arizona. Dean has been writing, producing, and hosting Retro 80’s Weekend since 2010.

Host/producer Kris ‘DJ KAZ’ Nascimento previously worked at stations including KLSY and KQMV Seattle. The show focuses on late 80’s and early 90’s R&B and Hip-Hop from the “New Jack Swing” era such as Keith Sweat, Guy, New Edition, TLC Janet Jackson, Heavy D, and SWV.

Lovin’ the music & wanting to keep it alive is an understatement for Gary.
He’s still at it today.
He first noticed ‘the sound’ at the early age of 8 in 1967 & eventually was brought up on The Jackson 5 from the very early 70’s.
He was presented with his very first record player, a ‘Discatron’ front loading 7” slot player in silver with two massive buttons!
Eject & Play…at that age & he thought, ‘waaaw, this is it!’
Although he had ‘the sound’ all around him from the age of 7, he confesses he didn’t actually get to choose & buy! his first 7” single until around Christmas 1973, when on a holiday break to family & armed with enough pocket money, he raced to a branch of ‘Woolworths’ in Pembroke Dock South Wales UK, then, over to the ‘record bar’ & bought a copy of The Staple Singers – ‘If you’re ready come go with me’ needless to say it got played to death & everybody ended up knowing all the words &! Gary’s favorite part of the song which was the ‘dubbl drum riff’ near the end. He considers himself very fortunate to have been born just in time to fully appreciate what he calls ‘three decades of the very best music’ which he says can still be heard influencing so many tracks from the 2000’s. It's been such an honor to him to have ‘lived the time frame’ of Soul & Disco Funk music from its beginning.His biggest kick is when he finds out that someone has ‘discovered all this great music’ & immediately loves it.
That makes it all worth the effort.
He very much looks forward to having you around during the show.

Presenter of The Time of Our Music Life

Gonzo Gates is an award winning* writer, producer, and host of a trio of great programming that spans three decades of some of the best music and forgotten memories. He was also the host Gonzo Gates After Dark. A four hour show that ran from 7p-Midnight
Monday through Friday. In between playing the hit music of today in accordance with the HOT AC format of the radio station he entertained listeners with various segments like Today in History, the Ultimate Trivia Challenge Question of the Night, and Believe It or Not; stories you really didn't think were true! *Winner New York State Broadcasters award 2015

I bought my first single in 1969....."Sugar Sugar" by The Archies!!! I continued collecting rather a cross section of music until my best friend bought me "Burn" by Deep Purple for my eighteen birthday!! That was it....I became a life long "rocker" from then on!!
So my first love is ROCK, as is my second & third love.....although The Carpenters are my guilty pleasure!! Aside from Rock, I also love Sixties & Seventies music.....probably because I lived through them!!! lol
My love of Radio has been going for more years than I care to remember.....25+ years with Sunshine Radio on the Isle of Wight & a stint on internet radio with Vectis Radio for eight years, then I seemed to get offers to broadcast my shows all over the place!
A final thought....If someone had told me in 1969 not to collect the 6000 plus albums I collected over the decades because you'd be able to access them & more on a mobile phone that fits in the palm of your hand, I'd have never believed it!!! Mind, I did enjoy collecting them!!!

In January of 2020, something strange was getting started and would soon make it all around the globe. No not coronavirus… but The Van Camp and Morgan Show! Oh, yeah, there was also a pesky pandemic. Who would have thought that the world would be so divided, but enough about our show. The John Van Camp and Morgan show really took off back in the prior decade when Morgan became a side kick on Van Camp’s daily radio show. She was the voice of the Who Cares News delivering all the news you couldn’t care less about. But even way before then–we’re talking back in the 20th Century–John and Mo had been friends. It made sense that the two would eventually end up working together and working so well with one another.

In the 1950s, my interest in Rock ‘n’ Roll began when my sister and her friends danced in our basement to their favorite records.
After playing radio disc jockey in my basement with my friend Von, I moved up to the “BIG” time as a volunteer “newsreader” in Muncie, Indiana at WBST-FM while attending Ball State University (“Go Cardinals!”). To this day I can still remember the face of the engineer on the other side of the studio glass window as I pronounced “Tucson”, Arizona as “Tuck-sun.” Oops!
My first professional radio job was in Muncie, Indiana. I started as weekend newsman at the Top-40 station, WERK-AM where I was “One of the men at WERK”! Instead of reporting the news, I really wanted to “spin” the Top 40 Hits. Up the road, in New Castle, Indiana was my first chance to do that at WCTW-AM. Since the late 1960’s, I have been a D.J. at many Top 40 radio stations from small to large markets including…
WCVS-AM Springfield, Illinois (When I accepted the job over the phone, I could have sworn the guy said he was calling from W “CBS”.)
KELI-AM Tulsa, Oklahoma
WCOF-FM (“Coast 107.3”) Tampa Bay, Florida (Worked with the Legendary Scott Robbins)
WSUN-FM (“Oldies 97.1”) Tampa Bay, Florida (Back with Scott again!)
WRQQ-FM (“Oldies 97.1) Nashville, Tennessee (Broadcasting from historic Music Row) Tiring of working for “the man”, I purchased my own broadcast facility WWON-AM in Waynesboro, Tennessee. On the first day of ownership, I flipped the format from Country to “BIG Oldies 930” featuring Scott Shannon’s True Oldies Channel. In addition to being a live, on-the-air D.J. I’ve spent the last 25 years syndicating my own program “Oldies Coast-to-Coast™ specializing in ’50s & 60s Rock ‘n’ Roll, which was broadcast on many radio stations throughout the U.S.A. Recently, I was selected by the National Top 40 Hall of Fame and Radio Museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee to broadcast my newest syndicated program playing ‘60s & ‘70s Rock ‘n’ Roll from the historic BIG JET-FLI studios (WFLI-FM-AM). At Top 40 Coast-to-Coast(tm) we’re stuck in the Super ’60s. ’70s & ’80s, and we love it!

I know you do too. So, every week, roll down your car window, crank up the radio with Top 40 Coast-to-Coast(tm), Americas All-Star Classic Hits Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio Show(tm).

JP McCartney spent more than 45 years on terrestrial radio before moving to the internet 6 years ago. JP loves 60s and 70s music, especially The Beatles. He stays busy with 3 grandchildren and his 2014 Race Red Ford Mustang. If you have a favorite 60s or 70s artist or song, make sure you let JP know.

KCCZ 95.3 is Arizona's new music alternative. Classic Hits, Classic R&B Soul, Smooth Jazz, Classic Rock and British Invasion. A variety of music for all listeners. Award winning syndicated programs and air personalities.

Ken and MJ host The Flower Power Hour from the George Carlin Memorial Studio in the Bamboo Peace Palace, Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Their program is an ode to peace, love, and rock and roll—what a combination!
This internationally syndicated radio show, intricately produced, began in September 2021. Ken’s extensive radio experience spans across the USA, while MJ brings her rock and roll knowledge and artistic talent. She even had backstage access to early icons of album rock, including Cat Stevens, Alvin Lee, Jon Anderson, Donovan, Randy California, Elton John, and Ian Anderson

Ken Michaels' radio career began in the communications program at the New York Institute of Technology, Old Westbury, Long Island. From 1981-1983, he hosted programs at the campus station WNYT, including Album Rock on weekdays and Top 40 on weekends. The program director, noting the many Beatles and solo songs that Ken played, and his tendency towards wearing Beatles T-shirts, suggested he do a Sunday night Beatles show. In March 1982, “The All-Request Beatles Show” was launched as a one-hour show beginning at midnight on Sundays. After a slow response, Ken successfully proposed the idea of moving the show to the 10-11pm hour. Once that happened, the phone lines lit up like crazy, and the show was soon expanded to take up the full 3-hour shift. In developing his show, Ken mixed the classic group recordings of the Fab Four with their respective solo music, gave exposure to the newest solo releases, invented many unique games and forms of trivia, and persuaded a local record store into giving him prizes every week.
Ken was simultaneously working as a salesclerk in a prime location of one of the nation’s biggest record store chains. When Ed Ryan was hired there, Ken discovered that he, too, was a huge Beatles fan. The duo hit it off. Ed was invited to watch Ken do his Beatles show, and soon became co-host. The winning combo spent a year together, and during that time built an audience that averaged over 200 requests every Sunday night!!!
After Ed left, Ken's now solo version of “The All-Request Beatles Show” was picked up by New Jersey rock station WDHA-FM and ran on Sunday mornings for ten consecutive years (1983-1993). As a newcomer to New Jersey radio, Ken was amazed at the station’s widespread signal. While its focus was Northern New Jersey, Ken also picked up listeners in the five boroughs, western Long Island, and eastern Pennsylvania.
Experimentation led to the development of the many elements that made Ken’s show unique. Every episode included creative thematic sets that looked at every aspect of the Beatles’ group and solo music, and ranged from the serious to the silly (songs with Paul on drums, songs with specific words in the title, Beatles’ shortest songs, songs the Beatles wrote while together and released in their solo careers, etc.). Sets blended group and solo music together, instead of treating the music as two separate catalogues. Ken featured hits and deep album cuts, along with B-sides, imports, and rarities. A steady diet of news was also included in every show. Cover versions of Beatle/solo material, side projects, tribute songs, and music from family members served as audio ‘bonuses’, as did original interviews with people from the Beatles’ world as diverse as Ringo Starr, Carl Perkins, Yoko Ono, author Mark Lewisohn, May Pang, Billy J. Kramer, Wings drummer Steve Holley, and Pete Best. Ken’s “The All-Request Beatles Show” was not merely a nostalgic look at the Beatles’ careers, but one that addressed them as four of the greatest artists of all time, along with the promise of more great music to come from them.
After his ten years at WDHA, Ken brought his show to Long Island’s oldies station WBZO-FM (B-103) during the height of the Beatles Anthology craze. This new one-hour variation of the show was a condensed version of the earlier show. When the show came to an end, Ken kept busy as a contributing writer for the Beatle fanzines Good Day Sunshine and Daytrippin’. With his wife JoAnn as co-author, he wrote articles and reviews, and submitted many interviews for both publications.
In September of 2003, Ken was thrilled to join the exciting new world of satellite radio when his talents were enlisted by two channels on XM Radio. His Beatles show, newly and appropriately re-christened as “Every Little Thing,” was heard on the all-eclectic music channel ‘Fine Tuning’. And what channel would better serve the most eclectic musical group of all time? Ken’s programming freedom was pushed to the max on XM, and he enjoyed including boundary-pushing sets that deftly incorporated pieces like Paul McCartney’s classical works and George’s Indian explorations. The XM show eliminated contests and giveaways, and Beatle news was now missing, but every show still included at least one of Ken’s unique thematic sets. (Where else could you hear a set that features ukulele or an all “bird songs” themed hour?) And Beatle News was not far away, since Ken also hosted short features “Beatle News” and “Beatle Breaks” heard throughout the week on their 60’s channel; with one covering everything currently going on in the Beatle world, and the other explaining the history behind a song, album, or aspect of the Beatles’ story through interviews. Ken was heard on XM until January 2009, when the merger of Sirius-XM brought significant programming changes and staff reductions. He looks at his years at XM as a tremendous experience and values the relationships he developed with fellow staffers.
In 2011, Ken hosted a radio special to celebrate the CD remaster for Paul McCartney & Wings' "Band On The Run," that aired on 260 stations. This lead to launch the nationally syndicated show "Every Little Thing," now heard on over 50 radio stations-a mixture of commercial, public, college and internet stations, including
Ken has also worked behind the scenes as a producer for the ABC Radio Networks/Radio Today, and his contributions could be heard on, among other shows, “Flashback,” “Screen Test,” and “Today in Rock History.” He is very proud of his work as both programmer and producer for the soft-Adult Contemporary show “Special of the Week” in the mid 90’s. His time at the network also led to Ken producing the only syndicated radio special to coincide with the release of the “John Lennon Anthology” box set in 1998. And while at ABC, Ken exercised his skills as an interviewer with subjects as diverse and exciting as Glen Campbell, Tommy James, Chicago, Tony Orlando & Dawn, Three Dog Night, Donny Osmond, the Zombies, and Peter & Gordon.
In September 2009, Ken created the new all-talk weekly Beatles podcast “Fab Fourum,” and in 2012, Ken joined forces with Beatles Examiner's Steve Marinucci to create "Things We Said Today," and later expanded the show by adding two new co-hosts Al Sussman (Exec. Editor, Beatle fan) and Allan Kozinn (former NY Times writer, Classical Music; freelance writer Wall Street Journal and others) for a weekly one-hour discussion on anything Beatles-past, present and future (!,) which you can stream on, YouTube, iTunes, and all audio platforms! After Steve and Al left the show, Darren DeVivo, veteran DJ of 40+ years at New York's WFUV and their resident Beatles expert helped to create the current lineup of Ken, Allan and Darren. The show is currently ON DEMAND at WFDU's website! Add one more podcast show to Ken's arsenal - "Talk More Talk: A Solo-Beatles Videocast," which launched in 2018, dealing mainly with the 4 Beatles solo-careers-an in depth look at the most successful solo-careers from a previous band, so-hosted with Beatles authors Kit O'Toole ("Songs We Were Singing: Guided Tours Through The Beatles' Lesser-Known Tracks,") Ken Womack ("John Lennon 1980: The Last Days Of The Life,") Tom Hunyady (co-host of Paul McCartney Solo-podcast "2 Legs,") and Joe Mayo (host of popular You Tube channel "Mean Mr. Mayo.") The show can be heard on all platforms, including Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

Live in Limerick, Ireland and hosts the radio show called 50 Years and Rolling on KCCZ 85.3

I also host a worldwide growing radio show. My Lynda Law Soul Show can be heard on radio stations in the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago, France, Italy, Greece, The Netherlands, Spain, The Philippines and Canada.
I love to play Funk and Modern Soul from the 70s and 80s. And new material if it fits the format.
Music has been in my blood for as long as I can remember actually.
I started singing and learned to play the electric organ when I was 7 and never let go after that .
My first professional performance was at the age of 12. It tasted very sweet and so I decided to pursue a career in music when I turned 15. I took part in many talent shows and audition events with a lot of willpower.
I was also the pro-active approaching type of person.
I REALLY wanted to sing with Gino Vannelli because he was the best at the time. So, I contacted him, explained who I was and what I wanted in music.
And Gino invited me to Los Angeles to sing a duet with him for his album 'Inconsolable Man', a single called Moment To Moment. And what originally was meant to be a duet turned into 2 more songs I backed for that same album.
I sang on big stages with superstars like Jimmy James, The Drifters, Edwin Starr and George McCrae with whom I recorded the duet "Step Into My Heart" in 2023.
My idol in music is Anita Baker but I am personally influenced by any soul-based performer that touches my heart. Anyone that has longevity like Anita Baker, Jennifer Holliday, Santana, Gino Vannelli or anything funky actually. I love to sing soul or funk, but I can sing most kinds of music really.

For over 18 years, Mark has been spinning tunes from the '50s, '60s, and '70s. Broadcasting from the city where it all began—Philadelphia, PA, USA—he brings you two hours of nostalgia, featuring hits and memories. Expect music from the British Invasion, Motown classics, psychedelic '60s flashbacks, and more!

Mike Overnight is a seasoned Radio Personality and presents his Classic Hits show for the entertainment of the insomniacs overnight. Great music, Great Humor and Interesting Facts.

Radio Husband And Wife Duo Mr. & Mrs. R Take Disco and Soul Classics to The Next Level with Their Show The Classics with Mr. & Mrs. R.
With the sounds of disco and soul being heard everywhere from tv commercials to movies, sporting events and everywhere in between, comes the dynamic husband and wife radio duo Mr. & Mrs. R who
presents to the world The Classics with Mr. & Mrs. R. The Classics with Mr. & Mrs. R is not just a radio show it’s an event! Anyone can play Earth Wind & Fire, The Whispers etc. but what sets Mr. & Mrs. R apart from the rest is their high energy and love for the music. We grew up with the classics because we had no choice, that’s what our parents listened to stated Mr. & Mrs. R. There was no hip hop just disco and soul and being that we were kids listening to that music we wanted to keep the music alive and
expose it to the younger generation. Hailing from Las Vegas Nevada, Mr. & Mrs. R are on a committed mission to entertain the world with those hits from back in the days. The Classics with Mr. & Mrs. R is not only a husband-and-wife radio show, but also a family affair which features their grand kids, cousins and the
mothers of Mr & Mrs R and that makes us unique. Keeping it in the family reminds us of when we were kids partying with our parents and having a great time. This show brings me back to the good ol days
and makes me want to party all the time, it's a very unique show, stated by an industry insider. If you haven’t heard The Classics with Mr. & Mrs. R, you can hear it right here on KCCZ 95.3 and hear what the
hype is all about that’s spreading around the world. Mr. & Mrs. R are defiantly taking radio to the next level one show at a time, one event at a time, The Next Big Thing Is Here!!

For most of my life, I worked in broadcasting. What a passion! I have worked from WBCU in Union, SC, starting as a board op during college football games to becoming the youngest morning personality the station had ever had in that time slot. From there, Coastal Carolina radio, then back to the Upstate to powerhouse stations such as WSSL, WMYI and WANS. I became the morning man and operations manager at WZLI in Toccoa, GA.
Some of the experiences:
Programming, music director at WZLI 106.1 FM Toccoa, GA
Co-Host of "Pat and Frog in the Morning" Z 106
General Station Manager at WABV Abbeville SC
Mornings and Operations Manager at WMTZ-FM Augusta, GA
Color/Sideline for Furman University Greenville, SC
Radio is an incredible medium and an addiction that is difficult from which to walk away.
Since 2001, Pat Gwinn has hosted and produced Pat Gwinn At The Beach, a two-hour syndicated show celebrating Rhythm & Blues and Carolina Beach Music. Pat Gwinn at the Beach has been nominated multiple times by the Carolina Beach Music Academy for the Best Syndicated Show. Pat is a partner in Kool Winds Entertainment Group, LLC and the general manager of Kool Winds Radio.
Pat is the host of Carolina Gold, airing 10 until 1 eastern weekdays. Pat can also be heard weekdays on Oldies 1079 and 951 WOLD in Central New Jersey and Long Island, New York

LA Spinz, hosted by veteran radio personality Peter Reynolds, is a syndicated music and entertainment show with a Los Angeles Lean. LA Spinz and L.A. Spinz Minute cover the week's top stories with Peter's own spin - smart, witty and sarcastic in small servings - perfect for today's short attention spans. LA Spinz is designed to fit into your programming and allow you unlimited airings for an affordable price. Now heard on over 250 radio stations each week across the USA and around the world!

I’m Sandy Kaye. A freelance broadcaster, journalist and producer who has spent more than 35 years on both sides of radio and television microphones. I’ve worked with every TV network in Australia, have produced and presented for countless radio stations around the country and have hosted my own commercial radio talk-back show. I’ve even held the distinction of being Sydney’s first female newsreader on radio – way back when!
Today my passion is A Breath of Fresh Air which allows me to immerse myself in one of my favorite things – music. I just love all kinds of music and am fascinated by the people who make it. In particular, t’s the music of the 60’s 70’s and 80’s that takes me back to my youth and means most to me.
So, as a journalist, I’m all about digging deep into the classic hits of our time. I bring you intimate, warm, fireside chats with the artists who tell us about their lives both then and now. I really hope you enjoy THEIR LIVES, THEIR STORIES and THEIR MUSIC. And don’t forget, if there’s someone you’d like to hear from, just drop me a line.

Steve is from the United States. Mal is from the United Kingdom. When brought together this naughty duo brings the UK & US banter, pop culture & relationships. UK & US banter program filled with pop culture, celebrity interviews, entertainment chat, music and relationship discussions. Out Loud is hosted by American host Steve Benz and by British host Malissa Whitehouse.

I live just north of London, UK and am a lifelong musician having picked up the guitar at 12 years old. I love all genre of music and have played in many different types of bands from blues to dance to jazz to folk. Still playing in bands and love every minute of it. I have a special love of the Blues and sharing that love with you on the radio is a real privilege. My love of all music comes across in my show at the ‘Joker in the Pack’ feature where I play a tune that is not necessarily Blues but one, I really love.
The Blues Café is my venture into Radio …
Member of the IBBA (Independent Blues Broadcasters Association).
Member of the UK Blues Federation.
Member of the European Blues Union.
Member of the Blues Foundation

Own and operate 24 hour Internet radio station I program a large variety of music with shows that air weekdays Tino in The Morning 7 till 9 am the 70s@7 and 80s@8 Todays Best Music 9 to 11 all Pacific Standard Time then on Sunday at 3Pm PST Sunday Night Flashback 4 Hours Of Hits From A Year 1956 to Today a different Year will also have the news sports, movies, tv shows and fads from that year coming soon the hot country top 10, the adult pop 10 and classic hits along with classic rock and oldies shows along with the format playing the greatest hits of all time on Live365 search NovaStar also provide voice over work or can syndicate shows or voice tracking for FM radio as that is where my Experience is, also provide Mobile DJ service in the Pacific Norhtwest Region

Todd owns his own Production Company and syndicates several shows. Todd is a major market VO, On Air and Production Talent. Associated with ESPN, True Oldies Channel, Sport Stations across the USA and local radio networks.

Tony began his music career working in various entertainment venues and studying Audio Visual Technology in High School and later earning his Associates Degree in the same field and a Bachelors Degree. He has worked with Mal-rite Communications as a Production Engineer for WEZO and the voice for WUHF 31 evening news. He is also a sought-after Voice Over Artist. Tony’s syndicated shows “Storm Warning” and “Memory Lane” are carried by 54 global affiliates